Poncho’s Kitchen to National Canyon

July 12

The motor on the motor boat had problems, so we stopped at Kanab Creek while the crew did repairs. There’s a route out of this canyon to the rim. Very tough hiking.

Flower of the day at Kanab canyon
Butterfly at Kanab Canyon

And we got to Havasu Creek. We hiked up the creek. Swimming and jumping off rocks.

Boats at the mouth of the Havasu Creek
Fauna of the day

Stone Creek to Poncho’s Kitchen

July 11

Views on the way to Deer Creek

Waterfall at Deer Creek
View after climbing up the Canyon wall
View after climbing up the Canyon wall

Hiking into the Canyon. Deer Creek is down in the crevice to the right

Jumping in the creek

I went up the canyon a bit more. There’s a trail that goes up to the rim from here.

There’s a campsite nearby somewhere but I didn’t find it.

Handprints from the Indians

At the bottom
Ducks in a row

Blacktail Canyon to Stone Creek

July 10

One of the rafters and his wife were evacuated by helicopter this morning. Kidney stone and dehydration. We wet down the sandy area to reduce the amount of sand that the helicopter would blow around. Long bucket line.

We left a few guides behind and went to Blacktail Canyon for a hike.

Blacktail Canyon

The helicopter picked up their passengers and left safely. The guides that stayed with them brought the rafts down.

Lunch at Randy’s Rock, then Deubendorff rapid, camping at Stone Creek.

Zoroaster Canyon to Phantom Ranch to Granite Rapid

July 8

Today, we drop off half the people at Phantom Ranch and pick up new people.

We got to the boat beach at Phantom Ranch, and got off to go touristing.

Flowers of the day. On the trail to Phantom Ranch.
View from the bridge at Phantom Ranch

Lunch at 91 mile Creek. Hiked up the canyon a bit
91 mile Creek

When we got into Granite campsite, Doug showed us a good place to jump off a cliff.

South Canyon to Saddle Canyon

July 5

Early morning view looking southward at South Canyon camp
Hunting for coffee
Vasey’s Paradise. Water comes from an underground reservoir
Vasey’s Paradise
Redwall Cavern
Deep inside Redwall Cavern

View looking northward from Redwall Cavern
Another spring
Arch and tunnels thru limestone
Tunnel from underground river
Lunch spot with flowers. Martha’s campsite