Hot Na Na Wash to South Canyon

July 4

Slept on a ledge over this beach.
North Canyon hike
Flower of the day

The unfortunately named prominence near mile 23
Fauna of the day. Long horned sheep

Got to South Canyon. Small hike to old ruins.

Pictographs it

Not sure what this is, so took a picture of it. Maybe the Indians ground grain here?
Pottery shards
View from archaeological site – southward
Northward view from archaeological site

Grand Canyon Rafting trip

July 3: Flagstaff to Lee’s Ferry to Hot Na Na Wash

I’m on a 13 day trip floating down the Grand Canyon on a raft with Grand Canyon Whitewater.We met up at the hotel in Flagstaff at 6 am and got on a bus to Lee’s Ferry.

Passed by the Vermillion Cliffs on the way to Lee’s Ferry
Bridge over the Little Colorado River

Got to Lee’s Ferry. John D Lee’s claim to fame was that he was executed for his role in the Mountain Meadows Massacre.

Lee’s Ferry
Doug on the oars
Old road visible on Canyon wall
Stopped for lunch near the Navaho Bridge
Duck prints in the sand


June 12

I love Moosilauke – what a gorgeous mountain!! Easy trails and the views are amazing! We went up Gorge Brook Trail, down via the carriage road and Snapper Trail. Beautiful day so I have lots of photos.

Trail maintenance on this mountain is extensive. There are lots of rocks in the trail, but you have tell that people have moved them so that they have flat sides facing up, and are appropriately spaced. Lots of steps in the trails.

Gorge Brook Trail
Views on the way up on Gorge Brook Trail
Getting near the top.
Almost at the top, and looking back over the trail we just hiked
Panorama photo – you can see the top of Moosilauke in the background. About 200 ft vertical left.

Panorama photo at the top
Plaque is commemorating Dick Sanders – Pres. of Dartmouth Outing Club
The Appalachian Trail 🙂 See the white blaze on the cairn? I do want to get back on trail…
Flower on the way to South Peak
Appalachian Trail per the white blazes
Carriage Road per the signs
Glencliff trail per Guthook
Side trail going to South Peak
South Peak
South peak looking back at Moosilauke
South peak
Panorama photo.

Mount Jackson

June 11

Back in Boston. I merged with the couch for a few days, then got restless and wanted to go hiking. My friend RL is peak bagging and needed to do Willey, Jackson, and Moosilauke, so we went north to go hiking.

Got up to Highland Center, and after consulting with AMC staff and weather forecast, decided to do Mount Jackson instead of Willey/Field.

Started up the Jackson-Webster trail. I had forgotten about the rocks and roots in the trails. Forgotten about the lack of switchbacks. Couldn’t remember where anything was in my daypack.

Didn’t take too many photos on this hike. When we got to the top, the front had come in, and it was very windy. We could barely walk around. No views. Got back below tree line fairly quickly.

Flowers from the hike:


Ferns growing on rocks.

I forgot how much scrambling you need to do in the Whites.
My friend RL is waving from the top of the scramble.

Catawba Mountain Shelter to Lambert’s Meadow Shelter

June 2: Mile 711.9 to mile 720.3

Woke up early and headed up to McAfee Knob. Nice sunny morning.

McAfee Knob is the most photographed location on the AT.

Headed to Tinker’s Cliff.

Tinker’s Cliffs were the best part of the day. Amazing views. And … lots of rattlesnakes.


Rattlesnake and my friend MB

This is the Scorched Earth Gap.

Got to the shelter, and a copperhead and deer were there.

Newport Road to Catawba Mountain Shelter

June 1: Mile 704 to mile 711.9

Caught a shuttle back to Newport Road where I left the trail two days ago. Went up and over a hill and thru some pastures ..

Got to McAfee Knob Parking Lot. Full of cars and people. Decided to go to the Homeplace Restaurant. They tell me that it has excellent southern cooking.

The fried chicken and slaw was excellent.

Got a ride back to the parking lot. Started hiking on a full stomach. I was moving sloooowly.

About a quarter mile from the shelter, I saw a faun and doe. Absolutely adorable and cute.